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mini schnauzer
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  1. New Dogs and Puppies
    Hi All, new member with a pet who has a problem. My Schnauzer, Bonnie, is 4 years old. She has developed an issue whereby she constantly has a really heavy snot discharge from her nose. She also sneezes a lot. We’re trying to get a handle on likely causes is any one can advise it would be most...
  2. Dog Health and Food
    I just adopted this very sweet 3 month old mini schnauzer that was supposed to be euthanized for being born with congenital blindness. After looking more into it, I was wondering if she had the Merle gene? Does anyone know if this is what she has by looking at these pictures?
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I am having really bad behavior problems with my dog, Jasmine to the point where I'm desperate and starting to feel hopeless. Just a little history on her... She is a miniature schnauzer. I found her left alone on the streets in the winter of 2015. I took her to the vet and discovered...
  4. Dog Food
    I adopted a Miniature Schnauzer last year. She's about three years old, and is in perfect health, but she absolutely refuses to eat for days on end, at times. She only weighs about ten pounds, and you can see her hip and spine bones. I've taken her to a few different vets to figure out if she...
1-4 of 4 Results