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mini australian shepherd

  1. Help! Dog won’t stop whining!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone! I have two dogs, a male 8y Mini American Shepherd and a Neutered 3y full size Aussie neutered. A few months back the 3y Aussie snapped at the other dog for no apparent reason, it began with a stare and ended up in a fight in a matter of seconds, this happened twice and had never...
  2. New to the Forum, New puppy!

    Hey guys! I'm getting a new puppy in a few weeks (by the 10th) and I'm super excited! She is a Mini Aussie. Once I have her I'll send some pictures! Do you guys have any cute, sweet, cool names for an aussie puppy?
  3. Time to add another?

    New Additions
    Hi everyone! So about three years ago I got a puggle. He's potty trained, can do some basic tricks and is a big 'lovepug', as we call him. We have about a year left in our apartment before we start looking to buy our first home and I'm debating whether it's time to add another (I'd rather train...