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  1. My min pin has two large knots on each side of her body?

    Dog Health
    My miniature pinscher, Daisy who I believe is about 9, develop two large lumps on each side of her body a few months ago and they have slowly gotten bigger. They are both identical, and are on the same place on each side, above her hips and they're hard, and don't move. Her mood has stayed...
  2. My Dog Lunges at Strangers on Walks

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, Frankie is a 1 year old male miniature pinscher. He is VERY lovable to family and friends. The only issue I am currently having with him is his behavior while we are on walks. He will growl and lunge at ANY stranger that walks by us on walks without provocation (trying to pet...
  3. 7 month old min pin hard to house train

    I have just brought home a new 7 month old min pin: Loki. She spent her first 7 months in a crate in Hong Kong and it broke my heart to see her in that state so we brought her home with us to live with me, my boyfriend and our 2 year old chihuahua, Ludo. Ludo is completely house trained - he...
  4. How long could I take our Min Pin for a run?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have two Min Pins, I'm a runner and I want to bring them on my jogging and trainings. I wonder how long or how far could I take them running with me as not to tire them so much? Thanks.
  5. Kyras fur

    Dog Health
    Kyras a 9 month old Jack Russell/Min Pin mix. Her old owner said she had just shed her puppy coat (though I have never seen a dog do this?! I have read about it?!... Anybody clarify?) Anywho, her fur is now very thin and she has quite dry skin. It is thinnest on top of her head and her back...
  6. re-crate training Ruby...

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So as some of you may know, I have a 6yr old very stubborn spayed female min pin named Ruby. While I love her dearly, I am not loving her pooping/peeing all over the place! :mad: I take her outside and she willingly goes potty out there and gets plenty of praise for doing so, but she continues...
  7. Barking/Acting agressive but not.. :/

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have a question about Ruby, my miniature pinschers annoying/embarassing behavior. When someone visits our home, she runs at them barking, hair stuck up and growling. :eyeroll: I try to discourage this behavior by not allowing her to go to the door when I hear...