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  1. Dog Grooming College Survey

    Dog Grooming
    Hi guys, I have created a survey as a result in a current College project I am engaging in, the service is not a real one offered by myself. The survey is in relation to Dog Grooming and Dog microchiping, I would greatly appreciate it if your could engage in the survey...
  2. Suspicious of rescues - legal issues - renting a dog

    General Dog Discussion
    As many here know I am doing research and preparing for getting a dog in 1 - 3 years time. Im rather specific on breeds not that I don't want a mix I just want a right mix. Im looking for a small apartment friendly dog preferably not a puppy. This means that my list of breeds contains breeds...
  3. Dog meningitis

    Dog Health
    Hi i am new to this forum.... i was wondering if anyone on here has every had a dog with meningitis? my little 11month old dog millie was microchipped on sunday of this week and since monday morning has been so poorly and the vets don't know whether its from being micro-chipped of if she has...
  4. I feel like a murderer :(

    General Dog Discussion
    So I'd thought I would share the story of why I left my previous job in a pet shop. It happened one day when I was scheduled to open up the shop alone. I woke up late because I only slept at 4am-ish the day before. Rushed to work and was still late for an hour. By the time I got to work, there...
  5. Microchipping dog

    General Dog Discussion
    I found out today that the county I live in has made it mandatory to microchip your pets. I have read reports and stories of health issues that are associated with microchips and do not want to do this to my pet, but it seems that my hands are tied and I won't have much of a choice. When...