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  1. Worried about meningitis recovery

    Dog Health
    Hi all, I'm trying to get some clarity (and possibly comfort) regarding my dog's recovery from meningitis. About a week ago, my dog (a 50 lb. lab mix) started having clustered focal seizures; we took him to the vet right away. Two days later (after CSF + MRI) we had a diagnosis of meningitis...
  2. Desperate for information on Meningitis

    Dog Health
    Please, if you can help. 12 days ago our 7 year old Yorkie became sick. One day 3 we took him to vet who misdiagnosed him with stomach virus. We knew that was not right so we took him back to another vet in the same office who had some thoughts and started him on some other things, but after...
  3. Has anyone's dog ever had spinal meningitis? My 4lb chihuahua was dx w/ it a week agp

    Dog Health
    Her name is Missy and she was diagnosed with a week and 2 days with it and her Sx has got a little better but I read articles, forums, facebook groups and a lot of dogs who has beaten this disease seem to have gone back to normal after a few days of treatment. Mine can walk again and doesn't go...
  4. ENCHEPHALITIS in DOGS – Meningitis - Spinal or Brain Inflammation - Brain Tumor Cance

    Dog Health
    ENCHEPHALITIS in DOGS – Meningitis - Spinal or Brain Inflammation - Brain Tumor Cancer --ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT -- Natural and Nutritional Approaches The success was dramatic and rapid!! Feb 2015 Intro: I am going to make this short. (EDIT- This is turning out to be long.) I am not going to...
  5. Is this a severe form of Fly Catcher's Syndrome??

    Dog Health
    Something awful has overcome my otherwise healthy 10 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, completely out of the blue. Louie woke up on Wednesday morning like he does every other morning. I took him out to do his business and he came inside, sat on the floor mat and started swatting at an...
  6. Dog meningitis

    Dog Health
    Hi i am new to this forum.... i was wondering if anyone on here has every had a dog with meningitis? my little 11month old dog millie was microchipped on sunday of this week and since monday morning has been so poorly and the vets don't know whether its from being micro-chipped of if she has...
  7. Meningitis... back exactly a year later???

    Dog Health
    This might be long... I apologize now :) Our dog, Simon, is a mix pitt and lab. He is about 43lbs, 6 yrs old, and we have been told his weight is just fine for his body. I have been his "mother" for about two years now... the owner before me had him since he was a pup. She handed him over with...