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  1. Would you like to immortalize your dog's bark in art?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello everyone. I lost my dog a few weeks ago and wanted to start this project to explore what we, as humans, can learn from our canine companions. The project involves collecting sounds of dogs from the general public (barks, yelps, whines, howls) and short writings about what people have...
  2. Watercolor portrait for a friend of mine =)

    Dog Art
    Hi!, I'd like to share another painting with you. Thank you!
  3. Rest Now Rocky and Atom Until we meet again

    Dog Memorials
    First, we lost Rocky last July 18, 2014 he was 12 years 4 months old. He died a natural death due to DM. His limbs weaken and as it progresses he became paraplegic and then lost urinary and fecal continence. He passed away at about 10:30 PM. Rocky was fun to be with he likes riding the car...
  4. Tribute Video for 2013 passings

    Dog Memorials
    I still have some space left... Hello Everybody, It’s coming to be the end of the year and I would like to put together a tribute video for the animals we have lost in the past year. If you (or someone you know) have lost an animal this year, please send me a picture, or video clip with your...
  5. Rescue Fund in memory of Tuva?

    General Dog Discussion
    So I am going to try to stay pragmatic and minimally sappy here. I posted about this in the Memorials section, but it only got one response, so I guess it was too long or redundant. Tuva went too young, far too young. She helped me catch and rescue a stray a month before she died, and I, with...
  6. R.I.P Mercury

    Dog Memorials
    Today I found out that he got very sick to the point where he immediately had to be put down. I wasn't even their sense he is more of my Parents dog. I used to live with him though,and still would visit him all the time. I helped choose him,and he was gotten from some family that had to get rid...
  7. Hunter Memorial

    Dog Memorials
    This says it all YouTube - hunter.mpg Thank you to my husband who did this last night