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  1. My Pyrenees has Megaesophagus. Does anybody have experience with this?

    Dog Health
    I'm hoping somebody with first hand experience with Megaesophagus can help give me some advice. Long story short, last week my 4 year old Great Pyrenees was diagnosed with Megaesophagus. He's on several meds right now until they get the test results back to 100% confirm thats what it is. The...
  2. Dogs with Megaesophagus!

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, I'm new here to the forums but as title states I have a dog with Megaesophagus. I got this dog which is a Catahoula Sheppard mix when he was just a few weeks old from a listing online, the owner stated the dog did throw up sometimes but thought it was due to food. My dog is now...
  3. megaesophagus?

    Dog Health
    my grandmother just found out that her new puppy has megaesophagus.. :( she is in he 70's so we think it will be too much for her to handle and since i'm the animal lover i will probably be the one who ends up with the puppy.. i have never heard of this disease before and i have a new...