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  1. She's chewing up her paws

    Dog Health
    Hello, I'm a new member to this forum, but i signed up because my dog is having a somewhat serious issue. I have a 9-12 month old Husky mix, and she's been chewing on herself for the last month or so. She's started chewing on her paws as of late until she bleeds, and i have no idea what to do...
  2. Dog Possibly Pregnant + Antibiotics and Medication Safety

    Dog Health
    Hello all! First off, I am delighted to be apart of the this forum! I have had a canine companion for as long as I can remember and it is so exciting to have fellow dog owners and lovers. I currently have two dogs (more on that below), a 1 year old Shnoodle named Ainsley, and a 5 1/2 year old...
  3. Ideas for giving meds?

    Dog Health
    So my Kekoa came down with kennel cough and we caught it early. The vet prescribed him antibiotics just in case. Does anyone have ideas on how to get him to take it?
  4. Adopted older dog. anxiety issues even with previous owner

    Dog Training and Behavior
    A little over a week ago, I took in a 4-year-old male schnauzer. I was told he was found abused and neglected 2 years ago. I found him because an old friend on Facebook stated she wanted him to go to a new home that had a back yard and more attention. He was good with kids (I have two), and was...
  5. My dog's Skin Disease

    Dog Health
    Help me with my dog's skin disease. It is a German Shepard and I have referred this issue to two veterinary surgeon, but issue hasn't solved yet. Partly bcz both suggests that I have to copper sulphate and some medicines externally applied. However my dog is little bit stubborn and doesn't...
  6. Where do you get your medications compounded? Do you get heartworm meds compounded?

    Dog Health
    I read somewhere online that it is possible to get heartworm medications compounded at a veterinary pharmacy but I cannot find a pharmacy that will compound heartworm medicine. Where do you get your dog's medications compounded? Do you get their heartworm medicine compounded? Thank you :)...
  7. New Flea Medicine. Works Wonders

    Dog Health
    I have a two-year old Jack Russell, Maddi, and until recently, we had a large German-Shepherd mix dog that lived outside, Jingle Bell. Being outside, Jingle was very prone to fleas, and we would give her and Maddi Frontline or other types of flea medicines that had to be applied to the fur...
  8. Trifexis- made my dog very sick

    Dog Health
    We tried Trifexis for 2 months, and each time for about a week afterwords our dog was sick. Just couldn't keep food down... has anyone else had issues with this med?
  9. Best Flea Medication

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone! Just got my dog a few weeks ago and I was wondering what the best method of controlling fleas (and ticks, though its not a huge problem where I live) beyond bathing him with flea shampoo. I know there are a few skin applicable medications (i.e. Advantage), a friend has told me...