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  1. Dog Food
    I guess this is like asking about toppers but I'm not asking about already pre made toppers specifically for dog food, but food, human grade, and hopefully affordable to mix into his dry food My dog is 12 and he is doing pretty well. But he is a senior now and my father showed me an article...
  2. Dog Food
    I don't quote on quote raw feed my dog but I occasionally will for a couple days or give her rmb's. I'm just not confident I'll know how to give her proper nutrition and haven't looked into it enough. So I was wondering if it's important to defrost meat? I always just gave it to her frozen, like...
  3. Dog Food
    Our dog had been on James Wellbeloved but he pooped about 4-5 times a day. Nightmare for the both of us. So i changed his food over to Pero for staffies which is complete but he won't eat dry unless something tasty is mixed in. The last few days i have been putting a bit of mince beef (cooked!)...
1-3 of 3 Results