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  1. Are mastiff/big dogs a good choice for a first time owner?

    General Dog Discussion
    To make this clear, i have not had a dog. I was wondering if dog bredds like Rotweillers, Cane corsos and american mastiffs are a good choice for me i have not had a dog in my life, but i want to get one. But i'am unsure if it's a good choice for me because of my inexperince with handling and...
  2. Hello from Asheville NC

    We're new to forum, hailing from Asheville, NC. We're training a mastiff therapy dog (NOT Service Dog) and just passed our AKC CGC test. He's been socialized since 7 weeks old, with everything, everyone you can think of, and we're starting to do some scent work. Look forward to checking out this...
  3. Oldest Dog

    Working Dogs
    Hello Guys. My dog is a working type. which breed is a oldest working dog in the world ? I hear oldest one live in Middle East. that is true ? thanks for answers.
  4. Cane Corso Mom

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi guys! I just wanted to get in touch with some other Cane Corso owners. Not many people own them where I live. I currently have an 9 month old Cane Corso puppy. I have never owned a corso before. I really hadn't even heard of the breed. I am a dog trainer and groomer, and have had big...
  5. Considering breed choice for new (big) dog (maybe a mastiff)

    New Additions
    After considering all the costs, responsibilities and burdens of owning a dog, I have made the decision to get one of my own. I have considerable experience with dogs in general, having grown up with six of them in the house. Together with my mother I helped raise two labradors, two cocker...
  6. Need advice to help my dog gain weight!

    Dog Health
    I just adopted an 8 year old English Mastiff who was severely abused and starved. The shelter managed to get him to gain over 25 lbs (from 52 up to 75 lbs) in a month, but he can stand to gain another 25-30 lbs. Since we took him home a few days ago he has been resistant to eating. I have tried...
  7. Travel Crate for English Mastiff

    General Dog Discussion
    Help! Searching for a IATA compliant travel crate for my 200 lb. EM. Will be transporting him to Rome and cannot find an airline approved size kennel for him other than a custom metal kennel @ $2000. His measurements would require a 54L x 35W x 45H crate. The largest we can find is: Giant = 48"L...
  8. I Desperately Need Help Training My Big Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi I need some help with my dog. I have a beautiful 4 year old dogue de Bordeaux, he is a very big and powerful dog and because of this he makes people afraid. Since the dog was roughly 1 he has been an outdoor dog, this is simply due to the fact that my family were nervous of his size and...
  9. Best Guess

    Dog Breeds
    We were given a pup in April that weighed 40lbs and still had all of his puppy teeth. The former owners said he was American Bulldog/GSD mix. He started losing his puppy teeth within 2 weeks. Our best guess is that he's now 8-8.5 months old and currently weighs 80lbs and is 24" at the withers...
  10. Guess the breed please

    New Additions
    This is my 9 week (today) old rescue sandy. She was described as a mastiff/German shepherd mix but we have been told by a few people that have seen her she looks pretty small for a mastiff mix. Do you think her description fits her or do you have any guesses you would like to share. I included a...
  11. Jowls 101

    Dog Health
    Are puppies born with jowls or do they develop as the dog gets older? My mastiff seems tight lipped now (like a pit) can that change with time?
  12. Help with breed ID: Mastiff and what else?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello I am looking to adopt a medium-energy, large dog and I am considering a mastiff. I found this one and was wondering if anyone could figure out his pointy ears, which I could not find in any mastiff puppies, along with several other characteristics that lead me to believe he is a mix. I am...
  13. liver infection in 8 year old english mastiff

    Dog Health
    My 8 year old EM Orco has gone downhill fast in the past 4 days. It started with him just being slower than usual when we walked and by Sunday night he didn't even want to go outside anymore. Took him to the vet first thing in the morning, blood test was done and his Liver ATL levels are so...
  14. Would these two breeds live harmoniously?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey! I currently own a three year old shar-pei mix. She's on the smaller side due to her second half, but visably appears to be a shar-pei. I will be moving soon, and am not entirely comfortable with the area I'll be moving too. My dog is protective, and definitely sounds scary, but due to her...
  15. Mastiff Appetite Loss/ Candida/ Lethargy

    Dog Health
    Hi everybody! Thanks so much for reading my post and taking a second to respond! My 7 year old english mastiff has had several issues over the last year including severe allergies which have successfully been treated with 2 rounds of prednisone, arthritis flare ups treated with Rymadil and...
  16. Rescue - Can you help Charlotte?

    New Additions
    We are desperately trying to find the right home for this amazing dog who will need to spend a lot of time with her owner over the first few months. She is incredibly lovable, gentle and smart. If you or anyone you know can help, please contact us. Here is our posting about her: Charlotte is a...
  17. House/crate training my YEAR OLD English mastiff

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone, I'm at my wits end. I have an English mastiff (Sam), I've had him since he was 2 months old (December of '10) and to this day, have not been able to house train or crate train him. The situation has been pretty much the same since he was several months old, he won't usually...

    New Additions
    In Balt, MD: Oscar is a one year old gorgeous brindle Mastiff-Pitbull mix who was rescued in Maryland from euthanasia. He still has puppy energy and loves to interact with people. He is friendly and playful with other dogs and enjoys getting plenty of exercise. He loves to snuggle as well...
  19. Compatible dog breeds (VERY large dogs)?

    Dog Breeds
    I'm curious about a number of large dog breeds and their compatibility in general. I've owned black labs my entire life, so I'm pretty used to their chipper, easily sociable nature. Overall they're a piece of cake, but I don't plan on just owning nothing but labs in the future. I've taken a...