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  1. Two puppies with different personalities

    Puppy Help
    I have two puppies I've adopted. One is a male pomapoo (Pomeranian + toy poodle) and one is a female maltipoo (maltese + toy poodle). They are max 1 month apart from birth, but they are significantly different and I need help raising them properly. The male pomapoo pup is already almost 2x the...
  2. Regressing potty training -HELP!

    Hi All, I have a 7.5 Maltipoo Jazz, who's very smart and at the same time afraid of new things. She's trained to the point where I can leave the front door open and she won't go outside until I give the command. Every since I got her at 9 weeks, we've pretty much been together. Since I'm lucky...
  3. Introducing myself and my little diva, Missy!

    Hi all, my name is Mari and my puppy's name is Missy. Missy is an 11 week old Maltipoo, I got her 3 weeks ago as soon as she was ready to leave her mommy's side. I'm a wife who works from home, Missy keeps me company as I'm prone to anxiety & depression. My long term goal is to someday have her...
  4. 2" skin problem hair loss -see photo

    Dog Health
    Hi my daughters maltipoo went to groomers about 8 weeks ago and we began noticing a spot behind front leg -it is about a 2" circle, most of the hair is gone,sorta has some little black dots, looks like burnt hair follicles Does anybody know what skin problem this could be?
  5. Information on the Maltipoo?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello! My family and I have thought on adopting a Maltipoo, but we need some more information and details about it. For example, are they easily trained? Do they have any specific problems? Any previous owners of Maltipoos would be helpful. It would be nice to get some info. on your past...