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  1. Trained 2 yo Mal new to household need crate coaching.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    HI All, Great to be here!! I just got a 2 yo mal boy who is fully trained as a sniffer, he can't socialize with other dogs as he is very very timid and hides from even a chihuahua!! I guess the owners we got him from said he was a fully trained Government tracker in certain things and well...
  2. Trouble disciplining/training adopted malinois mix dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    A few months ago I adopted my dog Mora from a pound, they told me she was 6 months old and was a mix of German shepherd and malinois. I've owned a few German shepherds before so I figured that this pup would be easy enough to train. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. She is really...
  3. Videos of our Mondioring trial

    Dog Performance Sports
    Took our GSD and Malinois to a Mondioring on Sunday. What a day! Open field (handlers/dogs get to visit the trial field to get an idea of what the jumps look like, how big the field is, where the gates are…..before the judge sets everything up) was on Friday, trial was held on Saturday and...
  4. I have a lazy Belgian Malinois??? Mali owners please comment.

    General Dog Discussion
    Hey Folks, I'm hoping that are some experienced Belgian Malinois owner that may tell me if I have a ticking time bomb, or just a 'lazy' Mali. I adopted a 5-6 month Belgian Malinois 2 months ago (now shes 7-8) from the Humane Society. We saw a cute puppy and wanted to meet her. When we took...
  5. Does anyone have two Beligan Malinois?

    New Additions
    Hi all, My husband and I have a wonderful 3 year old belgian malinois who is very well trained and pretty much the perfect dog for us (she keeps us active). We are thinking about getting another mal puppy from the same parents, but I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has experience with...
  6. Belgian Shepherd Suddenly Aggressive!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My family and I own a gorgeous Malinois puppy who will be two in November. Until recently, he's been rather well behaved. He'd only get aggressive around us when trying to play or when my mom (the boss) would leave him alone. Honestly I would rather he be aggressive towards me than anyone else...
  7. 4-mo-old pup has diarrhea at night

    Dog Health
    Hi all! I have a German Shepherd/Malinois mix that will be 4-months-old on Friday. He has all of his vaccines (DHPP and rabies), and gets Frontline and Heartguard monthly. He's also on a consistent diet (no table scraps or any people food). He's a very healthy and active pup, and he's potty...
  8. Belgian malinois discussion

    Dog Breeds
    Hi guys! I'm new here, I recently just owned a MAL. He is a good, playful Mal. I want to hear comments, helps, questions, and discussions about belgian malinois from other mal owners. I would also like to see your mal pictures. :) If this thread is against any existing forum rules, please...