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  1. Dog Testing Positive for Lyme Disease

    Dog Health
    Yesterday, during a routine vet visit, I was told my beagle, Brody, tested positive for Lymes. I'm not really surprised even though we use flea & tick meds since we live in a very bad tick area and we are always hiking through the woods. My concern is, the vet prescribed antibiotics even...
  2. Lepto Vaccine - do they need it?

    Dog Health
    I took my dog to the vet and got him vaccinated for lymes disease. Initially, the vet told me that its two rounds of shots, and will have to come back 3 weeks after the first one for a booster shot. I took him 3 weeks after the first lymes shot for his booster, as directed, and as we were...
  3. Experience with lyme disease

    Dog Health
    I just picked up my dog Sofi from the boarding facility after being gone for 6 days and she possibly has come down with Lyme disease. They said she was fine up until the day before and she suddenly became lethargic and lame. They took her to the vet and we are waiting for the blood work to...