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low energy

  1. Need help choosing a breed, Partner has conflicting views

    General Dog Discussion
    I already have 2 dogs, so I am not currently looking for another one, but I would like to find breeds that more fit my lifestyle. My husband is a cat person, and I am more of a dog person. He always would like at least one cat in the house, and I would like at least one dog. We're still in our...
  2. My dog is weirdly low energy, should I be concerned?

    General Dog Discussion
    My six month old dog is very low energy. He's an Alaskan Husky with sled dog bloodlines, and I know dogs of his breed are usually super high energy. But he's not. I never need to tire him out, and he never has so much energy that he's annoying. He's also been an easy puppy - housetrained...
  3. Low shedding dog breed for me?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, I have allergies to all pets including birds, but I would love a puppy. I was recommended today by another lady with severe allergies to look into a Cockapoo, which she has and she says it was the only breed she was not allergic to. I think they are gorgeous but I don't know if they have too...