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  1. It's Corgi Time!

    General Dog Discussion
    I recently designed 2 corgi shirts and thought you guys might be interested Here's the links to it if you want to purchase it: Here's a preview of it
  2. 4 yr old Cairn with rarest of stomach cancers

    Fellow dog-lovers, I am quite desperate here so am turning to this forum with my gofundme page for Fairfax. I have never done anything like this before, so am quite anxious. I love my little guy, he really is quite a character and he is meant to be around for a lot longer to come. You can read...
  3. Cute Dog T-shirt I designed!

    Dog Art
    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum, so I'm not too familiar with the people or the topics, but I really look forward to talking about dogs! I have a t-shirt design business and I recently designed a new shirt in honor of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of every single sale will go to...
  4. A Brighter Tomorrow - A Must Watch Short Film for all pet lovers.

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi, I'm Ben from Ben Francis from Ben Francis Productions. Our team made this 2 minute film solely out of love for Dogs. We really wanted to emphasise what our pets meant to us and how we would feel without them. Thanks and enjoy! We've also made a...
  5. The joy of dog ownership

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi, doglovers! Could you share here the situation/s where nothing matters more than your love to your dog and vise versa? Something funny, awesome, lovely photos and videos too! This is a sample that shows how dog loves her owner to the point of reaching the peak of excitement...
  6. I need your input!

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi All, what do you think of this? I am selling it on my fan page on Facebook and want your input :) I Love Dogs, its people who annoy me | Teespring
  7. I wrote a poem about Blackjack

    General Dog Discussion
    Me and my boyfriend both write a lot and he gave me the challenge to write a poem about Blackjack. It isn't amazing, but i thought if anyone would appreciate it, it would be the people on here :) Blackjack's Poem Cute little doggy With fur as black as night Cute little doggy His eyes hold...
  8. Why do I stress over how much attention my chihuahua gives me?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'd first like to introduce myself. I'm Chris from Georgia. Thanks for allowing me to post here. I have a chihuahua male, one year old and his name is Joey. He has been under my feet since the day I brought him home almost a year ago. I feed, water, bathe him, brush him, treat him, I house...
  9. Here I am again - Cruciate Issues... HELP!

    Dog Health
    My dog Zoey will be 10 yrs. old in April (sometime after tomorrow) ... She has had two surgeries on her back right knee, due to torn cruciate. July 2012 and then again: January 2013. The 2nd surgeon seemed to be more skilled and used a multi-filament line, rather than a mono-filament line...
  10. My dog has cancer & we need some help, please read..

    Dog Health
    My family and I just discovered that the tumor on our black lab's elbow is 99% cancerous. We are getting his whole leg amputated tomorrow in hopes of having a few more years left with him. The cost of everything is 4,000$ at minimum... Needless to say, we dont have anywhere near that kind of...
  11. Urgent - Cane Corso won't obey anymore!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, First of all, I love my dog (1yr old cane corso male ), but at the same time, I'm starting to hate him. In recent weeks, he has completely lost all obedience training. Here's some of the things: - He pulls on his lead, - won't go into his basket when I tell him to -jumps on me...
  12. Seeing more and more overweight dogs

    Dog Health
    This is a little bit of a rant. Recently I posted a thread asking about whether my dog was too skinny, I was assured that he wasn't and I was being told that by people who were used to seeing fat dogs. Since then I've been really looking at dogs weight and am appalled at how many are...
  13. cutest little dog(what breed?)

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Here is a video of our little dog cloe. We found when she ran out in front if my car in the middle of the country. She was covered in fleas and ticks and missing half her fur. You could see her rib cage. I felt bad and took her home. My wife said no at first, but we kept her. She has brought so...
  14. Canine Lymphoma - Saving Cody

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, My name is Michelle and my five year old Labrador Cody, has Canine Lymphoma. I found out on my birthday in September and since then I have scoured the internet, made phone calls, researched and am now treating him with Chemotherapy and a strict diet and vitamin regiment. And he is doing...