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  1. Dog Tracker for short distances in large city

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi all, TLDR: Looking for best tracking device so I can know if my dog is at my apartment or a block away at daycare, live on my iphone. My American Dingo (SC Dog) lives in a large city with me and goes to doggy daycare during the week. While my roomate is great, occasionally (once every...
  2. Offleash training dilemma

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, I adopted my first dog about 8 months ago. She's a husky/shepherd mix that spent the first year and a half of her life as a stray in the northwest territories. She's about 2 now, overall she's an amazing dog but I have been having some problems of late. She has a TON of energy, but she is...
  3. LOST PUPPY - need advice

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi. My parents recently adopted a 3 month old lab/pit/great dane mix from a shelter. She was the smallest of her litter and weighs about 16 pounds as of yesterday. Tonight there is a huge thunderstorm, has been pouring rain and lightning/thunder for hours now. My dad and his buddy were out in...
  4. Looking for unknown dog toy

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi! I've already spent quite a bit of time looking for this toy but can't find anything on google. This is her favorite toy and as you can see it's down to its last days. It's supposed to be a squeaky rubber dumbbell with a basketball on one side and a soccer ball on the other. I'm not sure...
  5. Never lose your dog & keep track of health issues

    Dog Health
    Hello people & dogs! My name is Ittay and I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I’m well aware that this sort of post is not very common here so I apologize in advance to anyone who feels like this isn’t relevant. But I truly feel like it’s important for me to post this here. Have you ever begun noticing...