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  1. General Dog Discussion
    I made a full post on reddit I swear this isn’t drama queen stuff it’s hitting me like a sledgehammer rn, recommendations (and quickly) and general thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Dog Health and Food
    Hi All, I have a 1 year old female Golden and in the past three weeks, she has lost a significant amount of hair on her back and hind legs. I took her to the vet last week and they charged me $150 to give her antibiotics and fish oil to put in her food. I have not been too pleased with them and...
  3. General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and didn't really know where to post this. I just need to talk with other dog people right now. A little background: I have a 4 year old terrier mix (pretty sure she's really a mountain feist), a 7 year old cat, and up until two weeks ago a 16 year old...
  4. Dog Health and Food
    2 years ago, i got a new puppy named Coco. I already had another dog for 12 years. My puppy was rasied around the other dog. Coco always tryed playing with my other dog, even though she was old and cranky and never wanted to play. They got along most of the time. Sometimes they would fight over...
  5. General Dog Discussion
    We sadly had to put our 11 year old westie "White Dog" down on Friday. White Dog was the best friend of our 12 year old Lhasa "Black Dog." I have had BD since he was 6 weeks old and, for the first year of his life, we lived with my parents and their 2 dogs. Then we moved out on our own and...
1-5 of 6 Results