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loss of appetite

  1. Lethargic, vomiting, hip/leg pain in 6 y/o m

    Dog Health
    I have a 6 y/o chocolate lab named Bo. 3 weeks ago, he seemed to be stiff in his rear hip/legs. Couple days later, noticed him limping. A vet had previously told us to give him asprin. Bo seemed very lethargic and began vomitting more frequently. He has also had a sensitive stomach and had...
  2. HELP!! Puppie's both refusing to eat?!

    Dog Health
    Hi im desperate for an answer as to why my pup's are suddenly refusing to eat! Elsa is 7 months old, she has always had a healthy appetite but up to about 2 weeks ago she decided she no longer liked her food, we changed her food to the same as our friend feeds as she'd always gobbled it up when...