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loose stool

  1. Threw up Plastic

    Dog Health
    Hey all - I am a proud new pup owner of a 20 pound 10-month old Sheltie/collie/terrier mix. I have had him one wk now. Yesterday morning when I let him out of his crate he had thrown up a plastic/vinyl blue material along with bile and undigested food. Upon calling the adoption center they...
  2. Loose stool after sickness

    Dog Health
    I am the proud papa of an 11 month old pit bull/boxer. Since the day I got him at the Humane Society I have fed him Hill's Science Diet: Advanced Fitness dog food (what he was being fed at the Humane Society). After consulting with my vet I decided to leave him on the Science Diet since he...
  3. Old Dog, New food for 3wks, still tummy trouble

    Dog Food
    My senior GSD--10 in November--has been on Kibbles 'n Bits for six years. I recently acquired him from my father and have switched him over to Bill Jac. He's been on it for about 3wks now but he's still reluctant to eat it. His bowel movements are still rather irregular and loose. He's also...
  4. Neverending Loose Stool

    Dog Food
    My two year old dog always has loose stool. She has always been sensitive to certain food, but now it seems as if she's just sensitive to all foods. Vet says she's in great health, and we also feed high quality dog food. She is the only dog with this problem, the rest are doing very well on...