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  1. Heart, Liver, Adrenal Issues - Conventional vs Natural

    Dog Health
    Hello - First, some info/background... (sorry so long in advance!) I have a wonderful little Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross fur-baby that just turned 9 years old in May. His name is "Iggy". He was diagnosed with a heart murmur (Grade 2) a few years ago, but the vet at the time said it was common...
  2. Need advice about show vendor pricing

    Dog Shows
    I have a pet treat business and will soon be doing my first AKC show. Since I'll be adding dried liver to my line as well as liver treats, what package size is popular and what is the average price? I don't want to over (or under) price my treats! Thanks!
  3. liver infection in 8 year old english mastiff

    Dog Health
    My 8 year old EM Orco has gone downhill fast in the past 4 days. It started with him just being slower than usual when we walked and by Sunday night he didn't even want to go outside anymore. Took him to the vet first thing in the morning, blood test was done and his Liver ATL levels are so...
  4. Chihuahua has rounded liver?

    Dog Health
    Hi All! I am new to this thread so thank you in advance for your help :) My 6 year old baby, Male Chihuahua, Rio, has a "rounded liver". This was discovered by an ultra sound that took place last month due to him having a very taunt stomach, attempting to vomit, and just not being himself. It...
  5. Excessive Hunger & Thirst - ALKP (Alkaline Phosphatase) WAY To high

    Dog Health
    We need some feedback! We have a 14 year old Rat Terrier. She's been healthy all her life. We brought her to Vet to have a couple skin warts removed (only because she was chewing them and making them bleed). Prior to the surgery Vet did a simple blood test and based on the results did a much...
  6. Sixteen year old Beagle question...

    Dog Health
    My sixteen year old Beagle (whom has had a cancerous liver tumor for over four years now, is deaf, and losing sight in one eye) has an unsatisfiable appetite, that I fear might be more related to pain, than hunger. Due to his liver (bile) problems, he has constant bouts of diarrhea, which I...