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liver shunt

  1. Liver shunt disease in Maltese.

    Dog Health
    Hi there. Just recently (about 2 weeks ago) my live has completely changed. My little Maltese has been partially diagnosed with liver shunt. This has broken my heart. She is very special dog, she is now 1 year and 5 months old but only weight 1.520 kg. She was born so small, and does not grow...
  2. gastrointestinal infection + liver shunts

    Dog Health
    Hi All, Can anyone explain to me what exactly is going on when a dog (whippet) has liver shunts and then contracts a GI infection? When the vet told us, it was really complicated so I was hoping to find some more info on it. Anyways, the prognosis we were given was very bleak so I'd like to...
  3. 12 wk old puppy diagnosed with Liver Shunt - PLEASE HELP

    Dog Health
    Hi, my 12 week old puppy has just been diagnosed with a liver shunt, going through the centre of his liver. It only appeared after his puppy vaccinations, and initally we believed the symptoms to be a nasty result of the jabs. He is currently at a specialists vets receiving medication and I got...
  4. Liver Shunts

    Dog Health
    I have a one year old peek-a-poo who was recently diagnosed with a portosystemic liver shunt. I've learned a lot over the past 10 days and am certainly willing to share my new information and to discuss with others who may have dogs challenged in the same way. Apparently this is rampant in...