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litter mates

  1. When can I safely bring home puppy if littermates have parvo?

    Dog Health
    Hi all, first time poster - and first time puppy adopter! Sorry for the length and thank you for all the help in advance!! I picked out a puppy from a rescue (home foster) at 6 weeks and was going to bring him home this weekend (at 8 weeks). The foster/rescue organizer emailed yesterday to tell...
  2. Puppy aggressive with sister

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, My wife and I have two Yorkie puppies from the same litter, one female (Lacey) and one male (Teddy). They were 9 weeks old when we picked them up (I think this is too young to take small dogs from their mothers - we were under the impression they were 12 weeks old). They are now 11...
  3. Husky litter mates - any advice

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Going into 2nd month of owning male and female husky litter mates. They are almosts 4 months old. Wondering if anyone out there can give summary of owning two pups at once? Our vet advised us to seperate them, different rooms, different kennels etc...In our household that is not realistic...