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  1. Why does my dog get like this randomly?

    Dog Health
    So I have a Chihuahua Terrier mix, and he’s a little over a year old. Very sporadically he will get extremely tired, very wobbly on his feet, shaky, and gets really jumpy. All of this sounds like the effects marijuana would have. And that’s what we thought it might have been the first time and...
  2. Blood In Urine

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, In advance, thank you very much for reading this/replying to this post. Yesterday my dog Coco was completely normal. Normal walks, normal signs of eating, going to the bathroom etc. This morning, he didn't want to go on his normal walk and he did this thing where he sits next...
  3. Massive muscle loss rapidly

    Dog Health
    My dog Hank is not even 3 years old yet and in the last 2 weeks he has lost an extreme amount of muscle loss, especially in his head. We have taken him to the vet and they ran some tests. His CBC came back clear, all organs are functioning properly. He has a heart murmur, a slightly enlarged...
  4. Lethargy after spaying

    Dog Health
    Hello all, Ive posted in here once before but forgot my details so have made a new account. I'm human mummy (i'm english and we don't say 'mommy' here lol) to a beautiful chocolate brown cockapoo who is 6 months old. She was spayed three days ago and at this stage she is mostly back to her old...
  5. My dogs are thin and have cuts on them legs and swollen limb

    Dog Health
    I just arrived in Louisiana today to visit my mom for christmas. The first thing i did was go into the back yard to play with the dogs (my mom has 6 pits bulls). I was shocked to see that all of them are really skinny and they each have open sores/lesions on their legs and are really...
  6. Lethargy normal after puppy vaccines?

    Dog Health
    My 9-week old got 2nd boosters today (DHLP/Parvo/Corona) around 8 this morning. We got home and she was her normal boisterous self for maybe an hour, then I left for a bit and when I got back she was asleep and has either been asleep or groggy since. She wasn't interested in eating lunch...