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  1. Puppy has lesion on mouth

    Dog Health
    Hes 3 weeks old and this lesion was just noticed today. I have put triple antibiotic cream on it, but I'm no vet and have never seen something like this. Any suggestions on what it may be and what may have caused it would be great. Thanks
  2. My dogs are thin and have cuts on them legs and swollen limb

    Dog Health
    I just arrived in Louisiana today to visit my mom for christmas. The first thing i did was go into the back yard to play with the dogs (my mom has 6 pits bulls). I was shocked to see that all of them are really skinny and they each have open sores/lesions on their legs and are really...
  3. What are these sores and hair loss from?

    Dog Health
    What are these sores and hair loss from? There is a lot more going on with my dog but I want to isolate these sores from other illnesses that my dog may have. Photos of the sores and hair loss is at Photos - Sick Min Pin and are the last (bottom) 21 photos. I will have some microscopic photos...
  4. Skin rash with open lesions and high fever

    Dog Health
    Hello, My border collie/husky pound puppy came down with a 106 degree fever last night and her skin was sensitive to the touch. Upon inspection of her back she had lots of red bumps and a few open wounds. She was not scratching anything at this point and I had given her a good rub down the...
  5. Has anyone given their dog GREENMIN supplement from DR Tobias?

    Dog Health
    I am wondering if anyone has given their dog(s) this supplement from dr tobias. I just learned this product contains blue green algae, which is a toxic substance to people, animals, livestock etc. I psoted earlier about my dog getting lesions and after researching through merck veterinary...