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  1. UPDATE: Legal Question regarding dog adopted by my son but his ex wants joint custody

    General Dog Discussion
    My son was in a 4.5 year relationship that ended on January 31st of this year. He asked his gf to move out after she had left the week earlier to give them some space. I think he / they hoped they would be able to work things out but that's not happening. During their relationship they...
  2. My dog attacked a friend's dog when I wasn't there

    Dog Training and Behavior
    First off I am the proud dog mom of a 3 year old, Black American Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer Mix, female, named Athena. Since she was little she has not been good around small animals except for our cat, Betty. After research I learned that German Shorthaired Pointers do not coexist well...
  3. Legal Advice Needed in Washington State

    New Additions
    on April 2nd i had rescued a dog from a bad home. i had the owners sign an Owner Surrender letter to me. i called a rescue who had put the dog into their intake but put me down as a foster. after a week i fell in love and legally adopted this dog from the rescue organization. i paid out of...