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leash pulling

  1. Stopping leash pulling in a 12 y/o dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone! I just joined this site because I don't know where else to ask--though I hope to go through and maybe help others as well. My dog, Krystal, is extremely well behaved in most ways; never aggressive, knows commands, comes when called, etc. She barks unnecessarily sometimes, but the...
  2. Completely at my wits end some days with my FOUR dogs. Bad leash behaviors and more

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I just want start off by saying that I love my dogs more than anything else in the world. I would do anything for them, and I try really hard to be a good dog owner. I have 4 American Bulldogs. 3-Year old Male. 1.5 Year-old Female. and two 6-month old puppies. They are awesome dogs. I couldn't...
  3. How did you teach your dog to walk on a leash?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have had 7 dogs, and never really had a problem with them pulling on the leash. But the one I have now, the one called "Rex" I had alot of problems walking on the leash, he pulled all the time and it even stated hurting my shoulders walking with him. This takes away the joy of walking your...
  4. dog aggressive and male aggressive dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all, This is my first time posting. We have 4 dogs , all of them rescues. We have trouble with 2 of them even though they get along in the house. Our 3 year old Rat terrier is dog aggressive. We have a hard time walking her because as soon as she sees a dog behind a fence or on the street she...