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  1. I'm having issues with my fiance's dog

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all, This may be a long post due to the many things that have transpired, but I will try to only include the things I consider to be important with this situation. I am solution-minded, so I want to find the best possible way to get along with my fiance's dog. He is not going anywhere any...
  2. After a 6 Month Break: Trucker is Back (Picture Heavy)

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Since we have been on DF (6 months ago) Trucker has been making some awesome progress and doing fun "dog things" that we wanted to share. Trucker claimed my boyfriend as a protector: Trucker has been learning like water: Trucker has been working on his swimming stamina in the pool: Trucker...
  3. I want to become a dog trainer, where do i start?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Forgive me if this is in the wrong section. I was just looking for some advice people on here might have on becoming a dog trainer. I know anyone can become a dog trainer because there is no special law or rule to say you have to have the correct qualification's to become one (sadly) I am from...
  4. Housebreaking questions

    Puppy Help
    I feel silly (again) asking all these questions, especially since I keep telling you all that I've owned a few dogs -- raised from puppyhood -- before. But here's something I honestly can't remember: the housebreaking transition period. I remember accidents and trying to get the pup outside...
  5. dog agility?

    Dog Performance Sports
    i really want to get my GSD to have something to do. and i thought agility would be fun for the both of us and we could have some one on one time without my other dog. i set up a jump today and she jumped over a foot and cleared it pretty good. they jump out hitches on the trailers all the time...