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  1. Brain Training for Dogs

    hi ! I’m going to reveal how you can QUICKLY eliminate any behavioral proble no matter how badly you think it’s ingrained no matter what kind of dog you have. If that excites you, I know you'll find this letter EXTREMELY valuable.My name is Adrienne Farricelli, I'm a professional CPDT-KA...
  2. Will a non-litter trained puppy de-litter train an adult dog?

    So I am wanting to foster puppies, and I mentioned it to my non-dog loving mom. She is worried about the potty training part, but I said I would clean all the messes (we have wood floors in case that's important). She then went on to say that if the puppy has accidents inside, our other two...
  3. How Dogs drink water!

    General Dog Discussion
    Check out this youtube video of how dogs drink water!!:thumbsup:
  4. A nice teoric and practice DVD!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I found this video in YouTube and I liked their work and their images. I bought this DVD one month ago. There are a theory part and twelve basic exercises. I learn in an easy way a lot of basic things that I ignore about the dog, the communication between us, their knowledge, and more. I'm an...