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  1. hello and advice please on new puppy

    Hi I love my new puppy! she is fun and a quick learner. I got her at 10weeks and have had her a week She knows sit! some advice please: 1)I have started taking her on the lead around the block but she pulls away from me in excitment. should i start as i mean to go on and starting traingin...
  2. Getting puppy used to leash/crate but also needing to use them right away

    New Additions
    Hi everyone, I have an 8 week old Beagle puppy, Denver. I got him one week ago and since then every hour of my life has been playing with him or researching about him. In all of that research, I constantly come across instructions to introduce items like the leash and crate slowly, but I also...
  3. How to stop dropping dog lead?!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I have a puppy who is pretty well behaved, however when taking her in or out of the car and on walks I worry about her running off if I drop the lead (she is a terrior!). Has anybody got any tips on how to secure the lead to my hand/arm so that if I drop the lead I am still able to...
  4. Dog lead suggestions ( more specific the hook fixing )

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi. I had an Ancol police style double ended lead , it was a really good lead and the only reason we stopped using it was our dog chew it to bits one night . We then bought a MAG police style lead but the dog was able to make the trigger hook open and get away ( very unsafe as we are beside...
  5. My dog was attacked!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog is a rescue dog and was never any bother when out walking. She could be on the lead or off the lead and she was good as gold, however a few years back we were walking back home when she was on the lead and out of no where another dog came racing towards us and attacked her. As she was...
  6. My puppy is scared of meeting other dogs when walking

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello My puppy is 13 weeks old and yesterday we went for our first walk in the park. I have been carrying her on similar walks since she was 8weeks old and she has watched other dogs from my arms but yesterday was the first time she could meet them while standing on her own four paws. As soon...
  7. biting the lead as a reaction

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is a really annoying thing that Kasper does, and we don't know how to work with it. It only happens occasionally (once every week or two) which is why I guess we haven't mentioned it sooner, but it's very frustrating when it does happen. When on his lead, Kasper sometimes will turn...