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  1. Are only large dog prone to pet obesity or any dog breeds will?

    General Dog Discussion
    Pet Obesity: Large dogs vs small dog breeds Looking to know everyone's thoughts on this title.
  2. need some tips and tricks for large puppies and a misinformed family

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I am moving in with my boyfriends family in a few months and they have two large one year old dogs that are about 60-70 lbs. Basically, when they were puppies my boyfriend's mother went from a job at a elementary school (where she had plenty of time to be home and train the puppies) to a job at...
  3. Best Durable Dog Toys for Large Breeds?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Greetings Dog Forumers, I was wondering what some of you guys and gals with large breed dogs use as toys? Do you know any specific kind or brand that lasts a long, long time? My Pit Bull/Boxer mix makes a huge mess when he pulls out all the stuffing of his plush victims (which is usually within...
  4. is an English Setter a good choice for me?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello everyone! I am looking for advice on what breed of dog to look for. I will tell you a bit about my environment and life style. I live by myself and have two cats (both have been around dogs and have always been successful at getting respect from the dogs). I have a 2200 sq ft house...