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  1. Anybody know any good Labrador Paintings?

    Hi all, new here, nice to meet you all. I was wondering whether anybody knew any good artists to paint my labradors? I have a bright kitchen and am looking for something modern and colourful, somebody on facebook pointed me towards Oscar Jetson on Etsy but it is for a present for my wife and...
  2. Lab growls when you sniff ear

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Recently we were messing around with our lab when we noticed that if you made a sniffing sound near his ear, he will growl at you. He is never aggressive or violent in any way; this is the only way to make him growl. What do you guys think about this? Just a quirk or is something else going on...
  3. Retrievers - trials and hunts

    Dog Performance Sports
    Hope this is the right section to post this :confused: Anyone on here who trials their Retriever? Anyone who hunts? I am owned by Labradors that I trial and hunt with and am interested in getting to know others that does the same :)