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  1. Neat Kong technique for easy fill

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello, I'm new to the forum and new to being a dog owner and just wanted to give this tip that has been helpful for me to any other kong lovers out there. I haven't seen a post mentioning this, so I apologize if it has been said before. I've been filling my kongs with wet dog food and freezing...
  2. Who is annoyed by filling/freezing a Kong? Any better treats available?

    General Dog Discussion
    Our dog needs distraction during the day and a Kong or bone filled with food seems to be the only thing she really enjoys and/or pays attention to. My wife and I have been filling and freezing Kongs for almost a year now, but we seem to have some problem at least a few days a week (we forget to...
  3. Separation anxiety - kongs help?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey guys, I have a purebred rescued lab who has seperation anxiety. I have read that kongs help out. I am trying to get as many ideas on this as possible. Do you leave your dog for more than 2-3 hours alone at your house? Do you crate your dog? Do you use kongs when you are away? Frozen...
  4. Dog toys are destroying my dogs teeth

    Dog Health
    Today me and Blackjack went to the vet for his boooster jabs and his annual checkup and the vet noticed that his canines were showing signs of wear, I regularly check his teeth but i hadn't noticed this until the vet pointed it out to me. Obviously its in its early stages but we want to stop it...
  5. Bad Dog with a cute face needs HELP!!!

    New Additions
    :ponder:Hello everyone!! My name is Chelsea and I am the proud owner of a 3 year old Yorkie named Ollie. Although I love him to pieces, he is starting to wear me thin and I am at a loss for how to handle this. 1) Ollie pees on EVERYTHING. He is not neutered (but hopefully will be soon). He...
  6. Did I forget anything in this Kong filling recipe?

    Dog Food
    I made up my own filling recipe but it is not really all that interesting to our Missy. I did the pb with a treat which she enjoyed but I wanted something else so this is what I did: Cooked in chickenbreast slowly till really tender. With the broth I cooked oatmeal but in a rather thick...
  7. Which Kong??

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    So I'm deciding between 2 kongs: I'm planning to stuff them with paste treats, as well as some solid treats, and hopefully it can entertain my pup for some time. :) He already has a kong for his kibbles, that is like the black one but has a small hole on the front, but I want to get him one...
  8. For all the small dogs out there!

    General Dog Discussion
    Just me showing off my awesome little Boston Terrier playing frisbee. I had fun editing it and playing around with iMovie. Any of you with small dogs know what I mean when I say people underestimate them!
  9. How to get a dog interested in a toy?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I am going on holiday in august and planning on having fun with my uncle's dog. She however is not used to toy and chews on sticks with ragged edges and stuff. How can I get her interested in a rope tuggy or KONG? Dobergirl