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  1. Anyone know why my cat is so small?

    I got a kitten when she was two months old from my parents' friend. They had two black cats who ended up having kittens and I got one. She's a quirky little cat and, by my count, roughly 10 to 11 months old already. But she's super small, half the size of any other cat her age. Our neighbour has...
  2. Help! male dog won't stop peeing in the house because of new male kitten

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My boyfriend and I have two dogs that he has raised since they were puppies. There is one male, Jaks (5 yr) and one female, Eva (6 yr). Two days ago we got a male, 9 week old kitten named Binx. Preface: Jaks, our male dog, is fully potty trained and rarely ever goes pee in the house. The only...
  3. Dog showing aggression with new kitten

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right category for my problem. A little info/sorry for the length: We have a roughly 2 year old pit mix we adopted a year and a half ago named Dandelion (Dandy). When we brought her home we had a 9 y/o cat, Lucy. We introduced them slowly, Lucy wasn't thrilled...
  4. Thinking of introducing a kitten to three dogs?

    General Dog Discussion
    Thinking of introducing a kitten in a three dog inhabited house? For a long time I have wanted to get a kitten, after watching all my friends and family go through cats in all different shapes sizes and personalities. The only concern I have are my three dogs, as I am unsure how they will...