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  1. Blood in Urine

    Dog Health
    Hoping someone can provide insight! I have a 3-4 year old male Maltese/terrier mix I adopted about 10 months ago. He suffers from terrible allergies and takes Apoquel 2x a day. About a month ago I noticed him "pretending" to mark during our walks and didn't think much of it until he started to...
  2. Large Kidney Mass

    Dog Health
    One of our dogs has been diagnosed with a large mass in her abdomen. Several months ago one of her kidneys failed. They tried to remove it but it was pressing up against too much and they couldn't. They think the mass is from the same kidney. They tried again to operate but once again could not...
  3. Desperately seeking Labrador donor

    Dog Health
    My family and I have four dogs: three labrador retrievers and one wheaten-terrier. Our eldest labrador, Rocco, is suffering from kidney failure. He's only six-years-old and his health is deteriorating fast. He has always been a loyal, sweet, protective, loving, and noble friend to our family. We...