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kidney failure

  1. My dog has renal dysplasia

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone. I'm writing this because I'm absolutely crushed and maybe getting to know other experiences will give me more insight into this terrible disease. My dog is a 2 year old mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua. She has always been healthy until yesterday the vets did an...
  2. Help on right decision with lab dying from kidney failure

    Dog Health
    Our Labrador Bailey is dying from Kidney failure and I fear we dont have much time left. When he was first diagnosed we could have his kidneys flushed at the vet with fluids for the day and he would feel good,eat,drink, and play normally for a month of two, now it has gone down from two weeks to...
  3. diagnosed kidney failure, am I making the right choice?

    Dog Health
    I am very new to the forum but I am looking for some much needed feedback. And if anyone else is going through or has gone through this before with a beloved pet. My little girl is a 6 year old lab mix. She was diagnosed over 6 mo the ago with genetic renul failure and we have done blood test...
  4. Kidney problems- 1 yr old dog

    Dog Health
    I took my one year old yorkie-poo to the vet yesterday for a routine appointment. I got a call later saying that his BUN level was 36 (normal is up to 27 according to my vet) so they asked me to bring in a urine sample to make sure it wasn't consistent with kidney problems. Unfortunately, they...
  5. Maltese diagnosed with chronic liver and kidney failure - thriving

    Dog Health
    It's been six weeks for our Babbette who was only given two weeks at most to survive. We have hand fed her, used eye-droppers to make sure she got water, given her the water via iv, and have recently made a special concoction, which she loves -- peanut butter, pancake syrup, vitamin E, a bit of...