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  1. Dog not eating well.

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    So I have a 6-month-old female puppy who is a sweetheart. Pretty much I'm seeking advice from all sources regarding this problem/topic. So when I got my dog at 2 months she was already spayed and they gave me a bag of Hills kibble. The first day she ate the kibble fine and then the next day she...
  2. Picky eating habits returned

    Dog Food
    Hello, I posted a while back that I had adopted a Plotthound who was being extremely picky with her food. After MUCH trial and error, she was consistently eating her meals and subsequently gaining weight, you could no longer see her ribs and she actually looked healthy, her coat was shiny and...
  3. I'd like some info on feeding 50/50 raw & kibble, small dogs

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    I feed exclusively kibble (Pure Balance small dog) right now for my 6.5lbs & 9.6lbs chihuahuas. I'd like to start feeding half and half but I am unsure of the amounts and what animals are good for feeding them. I'd especially like to know appropriate bones as being chihuahuas they need a lot of...
  4. Raw for Dogs w/REALLY Sensitive Intestines

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    I would still like to switch Cobber to raw, I think, because of the health factor. However, recently I got some frozen pre-mixed raw from Petco (a sample bag of lamb protein bites) and tried giving him really just a half a handful of the frozen bites as a topper to his kibble one evening. Sure...
  5. Help Puppy to Grow Slowly

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    Hi Guys, I recently got a Boerboel pup (about 3-4 months old now). A Boerboel is a big mastiff-type dog. The Boerboel, like many other large dogs, are prone to get Hip Dysplasia. I've read that improper feeding may lead your pup to grow too fast, which in turn makes it even more susceptible...
  6. Trying to Wean my cat off kibble and feed less

    I'm trying to have my cat eat more canned food in his diet instead of kibble. He's had some hairball troubles and in the past has experienced a UTI/kidney stones once. In general I'm hoping to feed him only canned food and use kibbles as training treats or a light snack. Trouble is, he's a...
  7. Half Raw Half Kibble/cooked?

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    I've been looking into raw feeding and am deeply considering adopting the prey model raw. I've been following up on this site and other raw-feeding forums. Dedicated to proper carnivore nutrition - Prey Model Raw Feeding for Dogs & Cats I've also just ordered a copy or Raw Meaty Bones and Work...