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  1. Extreme Separation Anxiety - Help Me!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    EDIT: Not leaving her alone ever is not an option. She is already left home very rarely but we need to work on her SA, not just never leave her alone. Thank you for all comments but please focus on ways people have overcome SA rather than suggesting we never leave her alone ever. Thank you...
  2. Can we crate Puppy during day??

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This summer my family went to a young cousins birthday party and met their cute, sleepy little puppy. We had been looking for a dog, but hadn't found any my mom thought were "cute enough". This one met the marks, apparently. Lo and behold, after texting the previous owners of Millie(their...
  3. got a new puppy! need pointers with old dog and crate training

    Puppy Help
    My dog Loki is a 2 yr old Australian Cattle dog, when he was a puppy i kennel trained him. now he sleeps with us and when he gets too hot he goes to his crate. I got a new puppy today and im not sure how to do the kennel training with the puppy. Is it okay if i leave her in the kennel while we...
  4. Kennels with employee lodging?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, New member here. I signed up to ask if anyone knows of any kennels in your area that have employee lodging? I have been working with dogs since I was a child. I began helping my grandfather take care of dogs meant to be put down by the state, he was a state dog catcher. I worked with...
  5. Tips for Kennel Training Adult Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everybody. We adopted a rescue Jack Russell mix two months ago, he's three years old, and he is having trouble staying in his kennel. The first week he was here, he was okay with going in the kennel to sleep, probably because he didn't trust us or our home 100% yet and the kennel meant...
  6. Outdoor dog containment?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello, I'm just wondering what you all do if you're gone all day (at the office, ect.) and have to leave your dog at home alone? Do you leave your dog outside, or do you have a doggy door to use? What about something like the attached, would you see any use in this? It's like a permanent...
  7. Need some help!

    Hi all, I was wondering if you were to bring your dog to a doggie daycare, what kind of advertisement would you like to see? What would draw you to this specific doggie daycare? Im trying to find out what owners want to see out of a daycare for the current business I work at and for one that I...
  8. 14-week Puppy Poops/Pees in Crate, Eats Poop

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We have a beautiful and smart 15-week old French Brittany named Piper. We've had her since she was 8-weeks. We absolutely love her, but we've been having some serious trouble with the her housetraining when aren't home. When we are home, she rarely has accidents. The main issue is that she'll...
  9. Custom Kennels- Input Wanted!!!

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello to all the fellow Dog owners out there. I was hoping to receive some input on a Business idea I had. One thing that I cannot stand is when a Dog is just left out in a raggedly 'ol shed in the elements. Do these owners care at all about their dog? Are they not worried for their dog's...
  10. Escape Proofing a Kennel

    General Dog Discussion
    I have a one year old Pit Bull/American Bull Dog, Hemi, and he has very bad separation anxiety. I've tried putting toys and bones (the big ones from Petco) in the kennel with him, but that only helps for about half an hour. He's onto his fourth one right now, and has had both the metal and...
  11. Need advanced help - puppy won't potty outside

    I need some real help with my 3 month old miniature schnauzer - Millie. I've done a ton of reading on potty training, so I don't need to the basics. My plan was kennel training. I have her "house" just big enough to sleep and turn around in. However, if I put her in there for any period of time...
  12. drive time or distance to dog daycare/boarding?

    General Dog Discussion
    I'm starting a cage-free dog daycare and boarding center in Los Angeles. For anyone in a metro area who uses cage-free dog daycare or boarding: 1) Is it on your regular route or out of the way? 2) If it's out of the way, how far in drive time and distance? 3) Normally, where are you headed after...
  13. Escape Artist Rottweiler

    Dog Training and Behavior
    About a month ago I adopted a 2 year old Rottweiler mix. He's a wonderful dog but has some very SERIOUS separation anxiety issues (I know this word is used very loosely sometimes but this is for real). My fiancee and I took the trash out of the house one day and Meatloaf tore a 6 inch hole in...
  14. Does my dog have Kennel Cough?

    Dog Health
    My friend says that my dog has Kennel Cough. I saved Ralphie from the shelter and after a few days, he became unmotivated and developed a cough and keeps snorting/sneezing. Has anyone ever been in this situation before? Is this common?
  15. Proper Containment

    General Dog Discussion
    I just thought that I would share this here. :) I originally wrote it as a Sticky for another forum that I moderate for. Proper Containment Whether it's while you're home or while you're away, one of the most important aspects of responsible ownership is proper containment. Lately it...
  16. New puppy kenneled. Older dog not. Unfair?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm getting a new puppy in about two weeks (3 months old) and am only gone for 5hrs. max on one day and only 2-3hrs. every other day, but I worry about the new puppy having accidents so I was going to kennel train her. The problem is, my older 4yr. old Papillon has never been kennel trained and...
  17. NEED her 2 Poo In Kennel

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Okay so I have an outdoor kennel attached to a low-hanging window for my dog to go poo when I'm gone at work. She can get in and out the window via a doggy door, and has no problems understanding the concept, in fact has been trained within very few repetitions to go in and out on command. She...
  18. name for pet boarding with pet cemetery

    General Dog Discussion
    I am having a very difficult time naming my home based business. It is pet boarding with a pet cemetery. I live outside of a small town in NW Montana on the prairie. I don't want to take anyone else's name though! Here are some words I like. pal...
  19. Should I visit my dog while she is kennelled at vets?

    Dog Health
    My beloved 13 year-old Standard Poodle is on a drip, at a reputable veterinary hospital, about an hour and a half drive from where I live. My local vet referred her there as they could not figure out what was wrong with her. The hospital vets came up with a preliminary diagnosis (pancreatitis)...