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  1. Dog Barking and Hyper in Kennel HELP!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Help! I've become that neighbor with the barking dog! I have an eight month old lab/hound mix (my first dog!). I've had him about a month and I'm attempting to kennel train him. Today I left for about two hours and came back to my neighbor telling me my dog has been barking for the last hour...
  2. Newly adopted dog with separation/kennel anxiety

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all! I recently adopted a dog (she's a shih-tzu mix, about one year old) from a shelter about a week and a half ago. She was a stray before, and had only been in the shelter about a week before I got her. Unfortunately, I adopted her a week before I moved out of town, and now I'm trying to...