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  1. What breed is my pup?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi, This is my recently 1 year old pup named Ajax. We bought him off gumtree as a kelpie cross border collie cross blue heeler at 8 weeks of age but as he has gotten older we have noticed his fur in the neck, back legs and tail regions is more like a husky/malamute/shepard type hair. At 6-10...
  2. Can you tell how big this puppy will be as an adult?

    New Additions
    Hello. Im currently looking for a puppy and i have my heart set on this little guy. (photo attached) I don't want a giant dog but i have no idea about dog breeds and no clue how big this puppy will be. I only know he is a Kelpie cross AND i have a photo of the mother/father. (photos attached)...
  3. Outdoor kelpie barks non-stop at birds

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi guys! I've been scouring the internet about this, and have had a look through this forums search function but haven't found what I'm looking for. My partner and I have two dogs, a Lab x Kelpie (Luna, 11 months) and a Kelpie (Keely, 12 months). We got Luna when she was six weeks old, and...
  4. (6.4lbs/2.9kg) 11 Week old Kelpie x Heeler mix. Have I been lied to?

    General Dog Discussion
    Dexter is a (supposed) 11 week old Kelpie/Heeler (Australian cattle dog) mix, and he weighs 6.4 lbs/2.9kg. From what I can tell, most other kelpies AND heelers are much larger than he is at 11 weeks. According to the weight chart that i found online for both breeds he's pretty far below...
  5. Australian Kelpie?

    Dog Breeds
    What do ya'll think her breed is? I believe she is an Australian Kelpie but has different fur then them so maybe a kelpie mix? Any ideas? She is about 7 months old and 25lbs.
  6. Working/Stock Dogs?

    General Dog Discussion
    G'day guys! Just wondering if any of you out there work your dogs on stock (cattle, sheep, deer anything else)? It could be because they are working dogs, or maybe you just take your dogs to sheep herding trials/classes for fun? I am looking into getting a kelpie and they are born stock dogs...
  7. Reputable Kelpie Breeder in Australia

    General Dog Discussion
    Does anybody know of a reputable kelpie breeder in Australia? I have been looking at Noonbarra kelpies ( and they seem great, but would like to keep my options open.. Cheers Phil PS: just noticed their site is no longer up.. Domain name expired or something..