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jumping up

  1. Bringing a wild puppy inside a store

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello- I have a 6 mo old puppy. She is a wild child, constantly wanting to jump on people. We are in a training class right now and trying to get her to greet people appropriately. However, she doesn’t greet ME appropriately yet, which I am diligently working on. There are quite a few stores...
  2. My dog jumps and nips at guest when they move around

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, My dog, Isaac is great with my family, but he seems to have issues with strangers. I have had a trainer come to my house and it seems to have helped but some problems are still there. My main problem is he jumps on guests and sometimes nips on their clothes and invades their person space...
  3. Can't Stop Puppy Biting

    Puppy Help
    My 14wk old cattle dog mix puppy is developing a huge problem with jumping up at me and biting my legs, feet, hands, face, and neck. At first I tried yelping or crying when she did it but that stopped working eventually. I have also tried ignoring her which worked at first but now she goes for...
  4. Video of Kasp doing impulse control

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is only the second time we played this game, the first was on holiday. Basically it used to be where if you did anything stood up, Kasper would fling himself at you and jump up at you, totally over-excited...this could be anything from stretching, standing on one leg, hugging someone etc...