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  1. Dog Training and Behavior
    My new boyfriend has a 10 month old MALE Belgian Malinois. He's good with everyone, very friendly. When I go over, he jumps on me and nips at me. If my boyfriend leaves the room, the dog comes at me and chews my arm aggressively but looks playful. The more I try to get away and say "NO" the...
  2. Dog Training and Behavior
    Hank, my german shepard/lab mix, is 3 years old and we have had him for a little over two years. We got him from the shelter when he was 9 months. He was mostly potty trained then, but has always had the occasional accident. Lately it seems like it is almost every day though. The only time we...
  3. Dog Training and Behavior
    My girlfriend, Jen adopted a female Peek-A-Chon puppy, Arielle, several months ago. I bonded with Arielle right away. Whenever Jen sits next to me on the couch, Arielle jumps up on my lap, growls, and bites Jen. Another thing Arielle does is; when I pay "too much" attention to Jen, she jumps...
1-3 of 3 Results