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  1. Jackabee puppy behavioral issues

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all! My husband and I adopted a (then) 5 month old Jackabee puppy. She's currently 9 months old. Since we've had her, she's been relatively well-behaved. She trained really easily and is clearly very intelligent. However, since she's reached adolescence, she's become a complete terror. She...
  2. Dog Eats Dinner When It's Served As A Treat

    Dog Training and Behavior
    This is my second post, but I've been a huge fan of these forums and the people on them - you guys give excellent advice, and have given me a ton of great advice on training my 1.5 year old Jack Russell/Beagle rescue (his name is Burly). Here's a new question: We've had Burly for about 2 months...
  3. Sudden Odd Behavior In Rescue Dog

    New Additions
    We rescued a 1.5 year old Jackabee last week from our local shelter - he's been a complete dream. Honestly, we have no clue how he was found as a stray, since he's already been partially trained, and is so loving around people. He welcomed us immediately, and seemed to adjust well to our home...