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  1. Urgent help needed

    Hi folks. i have a 3 year old male jack russell. Me and my ex partner got him when we were still together. After a while she has been in contact asking me to take him because he is to much for her and the kids. I have had him with me for a couple of months now but i cant seem to get him to...
  2. Hi there!

    Hey there! I'm new here :) I'm Maya. I'm 13 years old and I own 2 dogs (and a cat haha)! Peanut is a 7 yr old deaf Chihuahua x. He did agility in the past, but never compete. He did a few demos at fairs though! Peanut can get his NTD, ITD and ATD title (I'm just too cheap to order them! haha)...
  3. Tips for Kennel Training Adult Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi everybody. We adopted a rescue Jack Russell mix two months ago, he's three years old, and he is having trouble staying in his kennel. The first week he was here, he was okay with going in the kennel to sleep, probably because he didn't trust us or our home 100% yet and the kennel meant...
  4. How do I get new roommate's dog to warm up to me?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I'm currently in the process of moving into a new apartment. My roommate is a stranger who I met on Craigslist, and she has been living in the apartment for the past two years. She has a 6 year old Jack Russell mix. The first time I came to the apartment to take a look, my roommate-to-be was...
  5. Help diagnosis strange wart on puppy's front leg.

    Puppy Help
    If possible could someone please help me identify this strange wart which has only recently appeared on my puppy's front leg (elbow joint). It appears to be getting larger within the few days which I first noticed it. My dog is an 11th month miniature Jack Russell. Has anyone else ever had a...
  6. Dog attacked: afraid to take walks now

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone, I just joined this forum because I am so devastated and really need some help. About 4 months ago, I took my 12 year old Jack Russel for a walk and out of nowhere, a bigger dog came from behind a fence and immediately bit my dog in the rear/hind leg area. Even though the vet...
  7. Introducing older Jack Russell mix to guinea pigs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have an older Jack Russell mix, we don't know her exact age (nor are we really sure she has Jack Russell in her at all she just has that look to her face, kind of like a rough coated Jack Russell) as she was a rescue. She normally is on the passive side unless riled up or in a playful mood. I...
  8. Please help!!!

    New Additions please could you like this for me thanks
  9. Specific dog areas

    I think that you should have an area for the different dog types, where you can talk to people who have the same dog as you. I feel this would be great because if you have a problem that another person who has the same dog as you then you can talk to them on it. Anyone else like this area? Feel...
  10. First Obedience Class? Kind of a Nightmare.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey guys - I haven't posted much, so I'll give you a brief description to catch you up to speed. We adopted Burly from the Humane League in early November - he's a Jack Russell/Beagle mix, and at this point he's a few months shy of being two. Indoors, he's extremely well trained - He knows how...
  11. Please Help! Desperate! Blind dog aggressive towards deaf dog!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Maggie (Deaf) (Female) (Spayed at 6mo) is a 13 yr old 11 pound chihauhau mix and has lost her hearing. Riley (blind)(male) (neutuered only 4 mo ago) is a 7 yr old, 15 lb Jack Russell and has been blind from cataracts since he was about 2. These 2 dogs have lived together and shared everything...
  12. Dietary needs and changes for 5 week old Jack Russell Terrier.

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi guys! You probably get people joining up just for a single answer and then never coming back all the time, but this isn't the case with me, even though my first post is a question. Okay, so I'll explain the story. A friend of my boss at work had a litter of Jack Russell Terriers and asked...
  13. What kind of mix is my dog Louie?

    Dog Breeds
    I have had my dog Louie (female) for 2 years now. When I got her I was told she was Jack Russell/Chihuahua. She weighs 12lbs, has medium energy. She seems to have the chihuahua tail, and her ears stand straight up, but are much more rounded then a chihuahua's. She also looks much less...
  14. Got a Jack Russel with stage 1 heartworms

    Dog Health
    This is a rescue dog (2 weeks with us) and vet says he has stage 1 heartworms. Going to start the treatment this week and once the injections are given the vet says 30 days of keeping him calm, which may mean 30 days in a kennel. Can anyone give me some advice on how to keep a terrier (not too...
  15. Kyras fur

    Dog Health
    Kyras a 9 month old Jack Russell/Min Pin mix. Her old owner said she had just shed her puppy coat (though I have never seen a dog do this?! I have read about it?!... Anybody clarify?) Anywho, her fur is now very thin and she has quite dry skin. It is thinnest on top of her head and her back...
  16. Liquid stools / 7 year old male JR

    Dog Health
    I have a 7 year old male Jack Russell Terrier. Last month he developed liquid stools and we took him to the vet to have a variety of tests run. Nothing concrete came of it, and after a week and a half of meds ,feeding him a bland diet, and solid stools we slowly incorporated his regular feed...