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  1. Allergy or Nervous Habit?

    Dog Health
    Hi, My Female Jack Russell, Lizzie, licks her paws all the time. So much that she has licked all her fur off of her toes. The Vet suggested it may be a grass allergy and has me giving her Zyrtec. But it isn't helping and I am beginning to think it is more of a nervous habit than an allergy. She...
  2. Need help introducing 10 year old male JRT to 8 week puppy JRT

    Puppy Help
    We have a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Vanny who suffers from epilepsy. He is medicated on phenobarb and has been fine for years on the medications not having any break through seizures. A few days ago we brought home an 8 week old female Jack Russell puppy, Shannon. Shannon is a sweetheart...