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itchy and red area

  1. Dog allergy food elimination trial : he found the cat's food!

    Dog Health
    Hi guys, I recently got a Boston Terrier that suffers from allergy symtoms (redness on his face and belly + itchy eyes). I have put him on an elimination food trial by feeding him a pure duck food and planned to do this for 10 weeks. Now, after 3 weeks, the dog found the cat's food and ate...
  2. Itchy and red area on my dog's neck?

    Dog Health
    So, for the past few weeks, my dog has been itching her neck really often. I checked her neck when she first started doing it and it seemed redder then normal. When I showed my mom she didn't see anything so it went nowhere. As time has gone by I stop my dog from itching her neck when I catch...