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introducing a new dog

  1. Introducing new dogs to the house

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I’m getting a new roommate and they are bringing dogs but I’m afraid that my bigger dog will attack her as she did to other dogs befor ?
  2. Struggling to socialize new dog with old dog

    New Additions
    Hi there, new to this site and desperate for some advice. Not sure if we are on the right track. We have a five year old Westie boy, Angus. He is pretty much the apple of our eye and we have spoiled him rotten since we got him when he was 11 weeks old. I have always believed that he is happy as...
  3. Advice on introducing a puppy to older under socialised dog

    New Additions
    Hi all, Currently I have a 8 year old Labrador retriever mix living at home that lacks some of the critical socialisation skills a dog should have. She is nervous around new people, barks quite a lot and doesn't get along with some dogs. The dogs she doesn't get along with are almost always...
  4. New Great Dane puppy coming into the family. How do I introduce her to my other dogs?

    New Additions
    Hello! Next weekend I'm picking up my new Great Dane puppy, Phoebe, and I'm not sure how to introduce her to my other two Great Danes: Bella and Oscar. Background Information: Bella is an older dog, she is 9 years old. She used to be very friendly and playful but now she is aggressive because...
  5. Introducing New Dog to Nervous Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I recently adopted a new dog and I'm at a spot where I'm unsure how to introduce her to our current dog. My sister's dog who lives with us now is nervous around other dogs. When shes on a leash she lunges at any dog she sees. She's done well with other dogs when she is unrestrained, and has...
  6. Hey there!

    New to the forum, just introducing myself. I'm Ashley! My pups are Allie and Axel. Both Rat Terrier mixes that I got from a rescue. Hope to make some friends with people that actually know about dogs and the right ways to care for them, as I am sick and tired of people getting dogs for the wrong...
  7. Introducing a Pit that has gotten into a fight

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We've been playing with the idea of getting a second dog. We had one for a while, but she was very nervous and suffered from Separation/Isolation Anxiety. That spun out into getting in a fight with our resident dog (2 year old male Pit/Bull Terrier). He isn't a fan of the Humane Society any...
  8. Advice on introducing fosters to my dogs

    General Dog Discussion
    I foster for a local German Shepherd rescue here in Northern California and need some advice on how to introduce my fosters to my two dogs at home. I always make sure to introduce them on neutral ground and walk them next to eachother before letting them touch or smell eachother. The problem...
  9. Help with second dog introduction into the home

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, Our first Boston (Star)is three years old and has a gentle nature about her and greets every dog like a friend....she's not been crated and has been a dream to have in our home. We wanted to introduce a second Boston so she'd have a playmate and just general good company besides us...
  10. Any books on introducing a second dog?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Eventually we want to get a second dog, although not in the immediate future. We'd like to get a dog within the next year (in 9 - 12 months' time for example) but are willing to wait if we don't feel we're ready yet - we want to be able to drive by then, and of course it depends if our landlord...