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  1. Puppy swallowed a bone piece

    Dog Health
    Took my 5 month old border collie x kelpie to a friends place, and he found a bone in her garden. I tried to take it from him, but he swallowed it too quickly. I'm not sure if it was sharp or not, but it wasn't very big. It happened on Thursday night, and it's now Sunday and I haven't noticed...
  2. Mixing Worming Medicine Okay?

    Dog Health
    I fed my 6 month old pup Troy Worming Syrup this morning (one out of 2 doses) before realizing that this only covers roundworms, not all worms. I want to now go out and get an all worm medication but am wondering if I feed him a new worming med tomorrow, would that constitute overdosing? We want...
  3. Help! Min pin has lymphangiectasia

    Dog Health
    We have a 6 yr old female min pin diagnosed with this horrible disease and she is on budesonide (steroid), azathioprine, metronide), Canin low fat food. Beginning to deteriorate with all mentioned symptoms noted here. Vet out of ideas, except expensive tests we cannot afford. Where do we...