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  1. Insurance for Dogs and Cats

    Dog Health
    Hi! We recently did a post for Pet Lovers Centre that compares the different pet insurance available in the market (mainly for dogs and cats). The Ultimate Guide to Pet Insurance in Singapore We compare the different coverages that it provides and also the price differences between the...
  2. Can [Human] Health Insurance Cover Service Dogs?

    Working Dogs
    If you have a disability and use a service dog, can health insurance cover a portion of the cost? Helpful guide for guidedog owners:
  3. Pet Hero program for vet savings? Any thoughts?

    Dog Health
    I saw an ad for this program Pet Hero what I thought was a new pet insurance. It turns out to be slightly different, 25% off all veterinary bills + subscription box of toys and treats. It's definitely different than other programs I've seen. Prices were lower than what my insurance premium was...
  4. Help - Dog Needs Eye Surgery, Know of any insurance that will cover?

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, We recently rescued a 6 month old terrier from SPCA and found out that she has a congenital eye condition called coloboma as well as entropion and dermoid in her left eye. She has to have surgery by an opthamologist. We called a few of the pet insurance companies but they all...
  5. Pet Insurance Actually Helpful

    Dog Health
    I have been noticing that a lot of people have been posting threads for help with funding their dog's vet bills. I thought that although I cannot necessarily help these people out with a donation I might offer a bit of advice. When we adopted my dog from a rescue foundation they had a...
  6. Help me choose a pet insurance!?

    Dog Health
    Hello, First time writer. I'm looking for a good pet insurance, there's so many to choose from, i was told that it shouldn't really cost more or much more than £10 a month. I have a 2 year old Pomeranian, im 25. i would like the insurance to cover: overseas help with death stolen or lost...