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  1. Dog yelping when he jumps!

    Dog Health
    Hey, I have a ~50 lb German Shepherd mix. The boy likes to jump up on us and put his paws on our chest. Last two days we've noticed him yelp more than once while doing this. These are clearly cries of pain and I haven't seen him make the noise in any other activity. We have seen no obvious...
  2. Inflatable Dog Recovery Collar for After Surgery or Injury

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone! Have any of you used this inflatable donut collar post surgery? What do you think of it? Thank you in advance for your input!
  3. 8 yr old dog needs TPLO surgery - need advice

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone. My husband & I have a big decision to make about our 8 year old Golden Retriever, Maya. If you're on this forum, I'm guessing you love dogs as much as I do, and I'd value your input. Maya ruptured the CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) in her hind leg 3 weeks ago. We finally got...
  4. An accident that has caused leg and foot problems.

    Dog Health
    Hello, My dog Turbo is a happy active kelpie. He fell off the back of a ute a few years ago, hyper-extending his wrist. After a long recovery he can still walk on it, but we keep having continuous issues with that leg and paw. The pad of his injured leg is... I want to say weaker than it use...
  5. Dog has an ACL Tear used PRP anyone else do this?

    Dog Health
    My dog injured his ACL. The surgery looked really invasive and our dog is older but in good health. I went to a clinic that does PRP injections. At first the dog was doing really well but then he was doing so well he was jumping up and down from the couch and what not. I bought baby gates...
  6. Aggressive puppy, 6 weeks old.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My dog had a litter of puppies 6 weeks ago, one of them, his name is Prince, rolled in urine today so I gave him a bath. He is nice and clean and he was happy until I tried to put him back in with the other puppies. There is a female puppy, her name is Scruffy. Once I put him in, the other...
  7. Dog Agility With a Sprained Ankle?

    Dog Performance Sports
    Well, just like me. Here's Biscuit with a trial in exactly one week (a trial that I already paid WAY too much for, and that is four hours away!), and I've gone and sprained my ankle on Wednesday night. :( I can't put ANY weight on it, really. Has anyone had to run their dog through something...
  8. Self-Injurious Behavior due to Fleas

    Dog Health
    **My boyfriend and I have 2 dogs, and all of the activities described below have been done at the same time with both dogs to make things more effective. My dog has terrible self-injurious behavior due to the fleas she has. We have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to rid her of them. However...
  9. Dog hit by a car outside our house

    Dog Health
    So about 9 pm tonight, just after a huge thunder storm, we hear a bang and yelping, we work out an animal has been hit by a car but the car that hits this dog doesn't slow and drives off. My Mum rushes outside and calls for this dog and it runs past her to sit on our doorstep. This dog is...
  10. Puppy's eye has to be removed. Overwhelming guilt.

    General Dog Discussion
    I recently got a Weimaraner puppy, Bandit, she is 9 weeks old tomorrow. Today was a rainy day and I could tell Bandit needed an outlet rather than sitting by the fire chewing on her toy so I took her and our motherly whippet out the back for an explore while the rain had stopped. During this I...
  11. Rally Obedience Injuries???

    Dog Health
    Hey there everyone! I am new to the forum! I'm curious if anyone out there has experienced any kind of injuries with their dog's who were participating in either Obedience or Rally Obedience. I am doing a paper for school on dog sport injuries and would like to hear about any injuries you...
  12. Strange bump on my dog's chest. Any ideas

    Dog Health
    We just noticed a strange bump on my dog's chest. She's part Jack Russell and Beagle. It just came up in the last day or so. It doesn't appear to hurt her when I touch it. It's raised and dense. Moves with the skin. She's been playing normally and doesn't appear to be sick. I have no clue what...
  13. My dog got up too fast and hurt her elbow

    Dog Health
    My 8 month old Lab got up too fast earlier and hurt her arm. I heard a popping sound and now she can't put any weight on her right front leg. I examined her entire leg thoroughly and found that it's her elbow thats causing her pain. But, it only hurts when she puts pressure on it. I tried...
  14. Foot injury - how well will this puppy heal?

    Dog Health
    We are selecting from a litter where one of the puppies has this injury on her foot. We're told the mother stepped on the puppy's foot, and the vet is unsure if hair will grow in this spot. Based on the picture, any thoughts on how well this will heal?
  15. Dog #1 is freaked out by Dog #2 after HBC injury. Why?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have two dogs, both mutts, both young, about the same size, both pretty submissive. They're pretty good friends: they sleep together, play together, and occasionally gang up on other dogs together. This week, my younger dog ran off on us and got herself hit by a car. After spending a couple...
  16. Small dog back pain

    Dog Health
    Hello all, I am sad to report that I found this forum only after my Bichon/Maltese mix 3 year old dog injured his back. I had just brought him home from foster care 3 days prior when he started shaking and whining in pain. I got him settled and the next day took him to the vet where he was...
  17. Leg injury in puppy

    Puppy Help
    Please help :( My siberian husky pup (5.5 months old) has somehow hurt her rear left leg. I think it's because she took a sharp turn whilst playing with a lab on the field and pulled a muscle. The strange thing is that the few days following the accident she didn't limp as much as she does...
  18. skipping?

    Dog Health
    java has been skipping lately when she runs or goes at a faster pace. when she walks slow or normal, she's fine, but when she picks up the pace, her left hind leg goes up and it stays like that for a few steps and goes down and back up. she had a tiny cut on the bottom of her paw [from...
  19. four week puppy injured leg

    Dog Health
    Hello, I live in Nepal, and as minimal vet care exists here I need your help and advice!!! I rescued a four week Tibetan mastiff puppy off the street a few nights ago. This morning when she woke up, she was limping and did not want to eat. It was outside in her area on my patio all night, so...
  20. Neighbor Wants Dogs Dead

    Dog News
    A couple of weeks ago, some friends of our family were riding horses in my neighbor's corn field across the street. Our dogs, who have been around them and their horses before, ran playfully next to them. One of the horses spooked and the 23 year old Marine riding it fell off; he was wearing a...