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  1. Border Collies

    General Dog Discussion
    I was wondering if anybody who owns or has owned a Border Collie could give me some insight as to what kind of dogs they are. I'd like to get one some day (not anytime soon as I don't have the money nor the room for one right now) and would like to know as much as I could about them. I wouldn't...
  2. Boyfriend is Allergic to Dogs! Help!

    General Dog Discussion
    My boyfriend is allergic to dogs, but I can't live without one and we live together in an apartment. We're not huge fans of most of the breeds that claim to be "hypoallergenic." Ideally we'd like something medium sized with short hair, a sweet disposition, and not high energy. How can we get...
  3. 5 Question Survey Take A Min To Help Please

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello hope everyone is doing great today i have a link here to a small 5 question survey that will literally take you 1 min please help me to gather this information so i can put together something special to help you guys in the near future thanks heaps guys just click this link Dog Grooming Survey
  4. Totally off topic, but still important.

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hi, my name is Bob, I love dogs, but I love people more, and this is why I decided to take a post one of my friends posted else where and place it here. I live in the Pittsburgh area; I am 49, male and work in the alarm industry. So my main job is keeping people safe. This includes you and...